Staging a home can have a drastic effect…

It has been proven that staging a home and presenting it specifically for selling purposes can actually have an effect on how fast, the home sells. This is because, staging a home can have a drastic effect on what is seen by the prospective buyers. The home has to look warm and welcoming and give…

Before you buy, inspect

Buying a home is one of the most important purchases you will make in a lifetime, so you should make sure that the home you want to buy is in a good condition. A home inspection is a evaluation of a home’s condition by an expert. During a home inspection, a qualified inspector takes an…

The Iyengar Group Monthly Newsletter

National housing indicators
Existing home sales (November)
5.36 million units*

Existing home median price (November)

Housing Starts (November)
1.060 millions units*

New home sales (November)
0.468 millions units*

Fiduciary Responsibilities of a Real Estate Agent

I thought we would kick off our blogging with one of the more fundamental questions and misconceptions of the role of a Real Estate Agent. The term “real estate agent”¬†get bandied around quite a bit in the media and among consumers and practitioners quite a bit, but I find that very few of our clients…